High Tech vs. the Orb (some Issola spoilage)

Wed Jan 18 09:26:46 PST 2006

> Taking on Jenoine with only
> >technology would make me much more nervous than taking on a bunch of
> >Teckla conscripts with a few Dzur mixed in.
> Well, how many of the Dzur are sorcerers? ;-)

Considering that House Dzur is noted as rivaling House Athyra in wizard
production, I'd imagine there must be quite a few of them. I think it may be
a mistake to think of your typical Dzur hero as a tank who just wades in and
wallops everything in sight. In fact, if Tazendra is at all typical, quite
the opposite is true. Dzur live for the battle, but they develop as many
skills as they require in order to fight the battle and win. Sure, every
Dzur hopes for a glorious death facing odds of 100:1, but winning against
those odds is a whole lot more glory. Tazendra had no compunction about
using every advantage or trick she could. She just didn't expend a whole lot
of thought and energy on tactical planning. That's why you keep a Tiassa
around. *heh* In any case, this suggests that being a skilled sorceror is
more likely the rule in House Dzur than the exception.

I imagine that there have been a lot of armies that lost to a company or two
of Dzur because they fell prey to the delusion that a Dzur is all brawn and
no brains.