High Tech vs. the Orb

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Re: High Tech vs. the Orb

>Maybe they can build a SCIF with stones imported from Elde Island? As
>always, the keys to victory are sound strategic goals, adaptive tactics, 
>superior logistics. We know that Sethra Lavode keeps these near and dear 
>her heart, but she is not the current Warlord, and is not likely to be in
>command at first. And that first battle would be decisive. If the Empire
>responded to an invasion from the East with the scorn we have seen 
before, I
>would expect the initial engagements to be a slaughter.

Hmmm. I'd almost forgotten about the Phoenix Stones. (From Greenaere, not 
Elde, but the point is a good one.)

Yes, this factor would make the odds favor the high-tech side pretty 
dramatically, if Gold and Black Phoenix stones were available to them in 
large quantaties. I'd venture to say this factor would make control of 
Greenaere a critical factor in deciding the outcome of a conflict.

Do Phoenix stones block Necromancy? Would they interfere with Morrolan's 
Window, for example? If so, is it the Gold ones or the Black ones that do 

(On a side note, this could be why Morrolan and Aliera didn't simply use 
his window to reach Vlad on Greenaere during /Phoenix/, something I'd 
always kinda wondered about.) 

>Also, did the javelin shooters and arrows in  "Dragon" have metal heads? 
>so, then I can't see sorcery being very effective against 
>besides destroying ammunition before it's fired. But that's when railguns
>come in handy.

The "Javelins" that Vlad used did indeed have metal heads (Vlad & co. 
would sharpen them up before the attacks)... And presumably so did the 
"smaller javelins" (Which I always thought was just another name for 
"arrows", since that term doesn't seem to be one that Dragaerans use).

>- pondering the use of snipers against sorcerers in the battlefield.

Bullets made of Gold Phoenix Stone, perhaps? ;-)