High Tech vs. the Orb WAS Re: the honing of Vlad

Thu Jan 19 14:09:34 PST 2006

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> >I know little about military equipment except that RPGs
> >seem to have a reputation for being robust and simple to operate, but
> >perhaps RPG rounds are closer to bazooka rounds than to regular
> >grenades.
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> >
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> They are bazooka (well, panzerfaust) descendents, definitely.  They're
> meant to tackle armor & to a lesser extent, structures.  They aren't the
> best antipersonnel weapons.
> Snarkhunter
Change that to light armor and unarmored vehicles. Most of the simple to
operate, man portable weapons won't do much more than inform a tank driver
of your exact location. And as they would be of limited effectiveness in
this sort of campaign anyway, I think we can disregard them. A Mark 19, on
the other hand, would do nicely.


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