the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

Sun Jan 22 11:31:21 PST 2006

Scott Schultz wrote:

> I haven't seen any evidence that the Jenoine found Easterners interesting as
> anything other than breeding stock/control group. 

But why Easterners, rather than cat centaurs, Serioli, or even keep
uplifting (lower-case) jhereg?  Or are the cat centaurs and Serioli also
Jenoine experiments?


> I think I posted this speculation already, but my idea on this is that the
> creation of those Dragaerans who became the e'Kieron line was the goal of
> the experiment. The success of the breeding program was likely the event
> that triggered the revolt of Verra and her fellow slaves. I don't believe
> the others are supressed. They just don't have the "genetic" patterns to
> support the ability. (When you're talking "genes" that are a part of the
> soul instead of the body you're talking something other than what we think
> of as genetics anyway.)

OK - but in that case, why are you arguing that the Easterners weren't
special to begin with?  If I was going for an ability to create raw
amorphia under conscious control, I'd like to start with something that
had the beginnings of it, given that it doesn't really look like the
Jenoine had it and could splice it in another species.


> Nope, we don't really know how much time passed between the Revolt and the
> Migration. Aliera and Vlad (who both have the amorphia summoning ability)
> represent Kieron's siblings, so Kieron was certainly not the first of the
> "genetic" line. He was simply the first one famous enough to warrant the
> rest of the family naming themselves in honor of him. There were probably a
> few generations of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc... before him,
> but again we don't know one way or the other.

Unless the e'Kieron forebears only bred with their brothers and sisters,
it seems unlikely that the e'Kieron line would be the only ones with the
genes, if you assume several generations between Kieron and lab.  That's
why I think that if Kieron wasn't lab-bred, or at least second
generation, it kinda throws a spanner into the idea that the revolt of
the servants of the Jenoine was because they succeeded in getting one
raw amorphia producing Dragaeran.  Dragaeran crossbreeds exist, so
what's stopping a bit of hanky-panky between House members, and thus
more lines that have the ability?

OTOH, even several generations after Kieron, that line is supposedly
still the only one where it shows up.  Fathers are the only ones that
can pass it to their offspring, maybe?  (Is the e'blank based on fathers
- anyone know of any textevd?)  Shrug - I think I still like being
Watsonian, and assuming that the little throwaway comment about blondes
being unheard of in the House of the Dragon except in the e'Kieron line
suggests that there is something hiding in the background of Kieron that
isn't pure Dragon.   Easterner or Phoenix then becomes a possibility.