the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

Mon Jan 23 08:14:28 PST 2006

> >Unless the e'Kieron forebears only bred with their brothers 
> and sisters,
> >it seems unlikely that the e'Kieron line would be the only 
> ones with the
> >genes, if you assume several generations between Kieron and lab.  
> >
> If that power was passed to Vlad, then an analysis based 
> solely on how 
> genetic traits are passed doesn't work.

Precisely. The amorphia summoning/creation/conversion ability is attached to
Vlad's soul, not to his physical genetic pattern. It's part of his "mystical
genetic pattern". The mixing of the physical genetic patterns between lines
is irrelevant. We don't really know how much of Aliera's "genetics" involves
the genetic pattern of the body and how much of it involves the genetic
pattern of the soul. 

As for the question of Easterners being "special", I think the original
position being taken was that the Eastherners must somehow be "more special"
than the Dragaerans. Hence the speculation that all Easterners could summon
amorphia and they just weren't aware of it.

The textev at this point in the cycle doesn't support that conclusion.
Rather, it supports the conclusion that the amorphia-summoning ability
requires one to have a Dragaeran soul; perhaps even an "old soul" from a
particular generation of souls.

Sure, Terrans were "special" to the extent that the Jenoine could experiment
with them and "genaform" them where they couldn't/wouldn't do it to
themselves. Heck, maybe Jenoine don't have souls, at least not as we would
understand the concept.