Witchcraft vs Sorcery, who wins?

Wed Jan 25 09:04:22 PST 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:

> But its the combined cumulative power of the witches that's superior. Even
> Sethra Lavode can only channel so much power. But with large covens of
> witches, you could have the power-equivilent of several Sethras.

Seems entirely speculative to me.

Worse, it seems like an unreasonable comparison.

Want to float a castle?  One pre-New Orb sorcerer could do it for you,
and then he'd go about his normal business.  Or you could get a small
army of witches working in shifts in perpetuity at the edge of exhaustion.
Assuming some god doesn't shut the spigot somehow.

Want to do something like express your will and desires on the universe,
without much knowing how it's supposed to happen?  Try witchcraft.  Maybe
sorcery could do it better, maybe not.

Want to face down an army of Easterners?  One New Orb sorcerer can do
that, I think - the SiG, for example.   Can an small army of witches
manage that?  Apparently not.

Off on some random planet or phase of reality?  Not so much with the

Also note the discussion should probably include the question of magical
implements.  And what the Empress can do with the Orb directly.