Pel's Fate? *Dzur Spoilers*

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Re: Pel's Fate?

>Should that be a spoiler?
>-wants to see how exactly Zungaron sits down.

I didn't feel it was required, since the name Zungaron came up in 
/Issola/, and I didn't comment at all about any other specifics related to 

This message, OTOH, mentions that Vlad meets Zungaron in /Dzur/ (Or at 
least, in "Klava with Honey:A Prologue") so it earns the spoiler warning. 

This does bring up the point of how we should handle spoilers for "Klava 
with Honey", and /Dzur/? 

Since I wasn't around here when /Sethra Lavode/ first came out, I'm 
unfamiliar with the standard spoiler warning practices.