Meta: Spoiler Handling (was RE: Pel's Fate? )

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Meta: Spoiler Handling (was RE: Pel's Fate? *Dzur Spoilers*)

>Majikjon writ:
>> This does bring up the point of how we should handle spoilers
>> for "Klava with Honey", and /Dzur/? 
>> Since I wasn't around here when /Sethra Lavode/ first came out
>>, I'm unfamiliar with the standard spoiler warning practices.
>There's no one true standard.  There are many here, who, in addition to 
>Subject alert you added, would add spoiler space to the body of their
>message.  <shrug>MV</shrug>

Sounds reasonable.

I suppose a bigger question (for me, anyway), is how to handle the "Klava 
with Honey" situation on the Wikicity. 

I will have to take this up on the discussion pages over there.