the honing of Vlad

Fri Jan 27 10:15:32 PST 2006

> I was always confused about how Aliera can create amorphia, but
> Morrolan can't.  They're cousins.  According to Morrolan in Talsos, he
> is the eldest son of Aliera's father's youngest sister.  So that means
> that Adron could create amorphia and passed it on to Aliera, but
> Adron's sister either didn't have the trait or didn't pass it on to
> Morrolan.  That makes it a recessive trait?  Does that mean that it's
> only survived this long through inbreeding?  I don't get it.

The ability to create amorphia is linked to the soul, not to the genome. In
fact, thinking about it just now, I've realized that we don't have any
evidence that the ability is passed through the genome at all. The only
examples that we have are people who are reincarnated early-generation

Perhaps, when Aliera talks about "e'Kieron", she isn't explicitly discussing
genome and heredity. She could be simply saying that the ability was owned
by the group of Dragaerans who eventually called themselves "e'Kieron" and
so founded the lineage. It may well be that only those original souls are
able to do the "amorphia from nowhere" trick. It's even possible that those
souls only reincarnate into their biological descendants but that's pure
speculation designed to justify a way for the ability to be attached to the
soul and still be attached to the genome as well. Vlad is a clear aberration
in this respect, so it's not something that is set in stone, assuming that
it's normally true.