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Sun Jan 29 19:05:23 PST 2006

On Mon Oct 3 10:01:12 Rion Bergquist wrote about Dragaera World Summit in May 
19-21, 2006

>Said event will feature, among other things a Dragaeran feast.  After much
>discussion about the implementation, structure and content of this culinary
>adventure Steve and I have come up with an opportunity for all of you.
>Rather than Steve or the Directorship of the summit dictating what the feast
>will be, we have decided to open it up to you, the fans.

>So this is how it works.  Between now and February 1st 2006 I will be taking
>submit ions for the feast.  Said submit ions can be for any part of the
>feast from suggestions on food courses to table linens and background music.
>Once I have enough suggestions and recipes to  define the feast I will open
>up the options to this list for a basic democratic vote.

>The only request that I make is that all aspects of the feast stay PG and
>Dragaera related.  I know several of you will be able to not only give me
>recipes, but the references to back up the existence of your culinary
>creations, and that is exactly what I'd like.

So here is another idea for the Dragaeran feast:


It should look like a rented convention hall.  Maybe with black and gray 
decorations because, Kragar
is a Jhereg.  


Here is my text evidence that there are conventions in Dragaera.

Kragar speaking to Vlad:

"'Everyone?' How Many should I figure on?"
"Uh, let me see...five. No, six."
"Six? Should I rent a convention hall?"

The Book of Jhereg, Jhereg, Chapter 16, page 144
Jhereg, Chapter 16, page 201

Maybe a nice sign that says Dragaera World Summit in black and gray with your 
T-shirt design
of a Jhereg on both sides of the words.  You see the Empress decided to have 
a Dragaera World Summit
and Kragar was put in charge of renting the Jhereg party convention hall.  
And of course, all the other 
houses showed up at the Jhereg party because Kragar had Valabar's do the 
catering...or maybe it was 
actually "a man who has cleaned tables at Valabar's" (The Paths of the Dead, 
paperback, Chapter the 
Fourteenth,  page 125, 126.)