e'Kierons and Genescans and Dragons, oh my!

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Re: the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad      *really*knowabout 

>On 1/30/06, S. Hall <incubusyouth at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> how in the hell do you tell which becomes dominant? the male parent? 
>> what about the lines that follow the females? can you be given the 
>> "surname" for lack of a better term? it's all quite a mess, really :/
>Well, that would explain *exactly* why genescanning is used among 
>See also the quote I posted about the Dragon who "thought" that he
>took more after his e'Terics father than his e'Drien mother.  If he
>was uncertain, he could just have himself genescanned.

Do we have any clues as to when performing genescans became common?

Certainly they were already in use during Tortaalik's reign, since one was 
used on Norathar at that time.

But is this one of those things that stretches back into antiquity, or is 
genescanning a relatively recent innovation? (like within the last cycle 
or two?)

And if it is comparitively recent, how did the Dragon lineages work before 
it was developed?