the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad*really*knowabout Kragar?)

Tue Jan 31 08:04:54 PST 2006

> Although, perhaps you are
> merely implying that the Dragaeran sorcerer would do it by taking up
> witchcraft?

Yes, that's it exactly. The theory being proposed was that Witchcraft could
be used to create amorphia, and that this was a reason to supress the
knowledge because South Adrilankha (not to mention the East) would be full
of walking time bombs.

My point was that any sorceror can learn Witchcraft. The fact that they
don't is indicative of the fact that they find nothing useful about doing
so. Summoning amorphia would be, if not useful, at least something
significant enough to learn the ability.

In other words, the people you'd need to guard against wouldn't be the
ignorant oppressed  Easterners living in your slums or the supersitious
Easterners halfway 'round the world who had never even heard of amorphia.
It'd be your local sorcerors who might have the ability (or the temerity at
least) to try and use an amorphia summoning spell to further their own

If it can be done with Witchcraft then, by definition, it is NOT an
Easterner only ability. Dragaerans can perform Witchcraft just as
effectively as an Easterner, assuming that our hypothetical Dragaeran has
had the proper training. Since we know that only Dragaerans of a certain
lineage are able to do this trick, we know by inference that it is NOT a
witchcraft-based ability. Therefore, there's no reason to supress the
information in order to prevent Easterners from hearing about it. In fact,
it sounds rare enough in Dragaerans that I'd imagine that your average
Dragaeran sorcer doesn't even know about it except as possibly a theoretical