the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad*really*knowaboutKragar?)

Tue Jan 31 13:10:00 PST 2006

> Why would a witch want to create amorphia even if he or she 
> could? (since
> witchcraft does not use the stuff, nor, as far as we know, 
> does it allow for
> the control of amophia.)

No reason that I can think of. The whole discussion came about, I think, as
speculation about how the ability could be something other than "genetic"
and also, to some extent, born out of some questionable (to my mind)
rationalizations about why Witchcraft (and by extension, Easterners) is
"better or more special" than Sorcery (and by extension, Dragaerans).

Ultimately, of course, the answer is "Because Steve thought it was Cool." 

For those in the audience unfamiliar with the Cool Theory of Literature,
check out this interview with Steve:

It's one of his wittier interviews. ;-)