What's a Duhring?

Wed Feb 1 10:55:31 PST 2006

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> >Jeff
> >-Has given up on most political theories, instead subscribes to the "just
> >leave me alone" style of self government.
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> It's nice to read Dumas to make my enjoyment of on-topic books more
> complete.   And while I expect this won't be as applicable as _/*History
> of the Russian Revolution*/_,   I expect there might be some relationship.
> The trick to enjoying politics is to control how personal it gets.   The
> more of an intellectual pastime it is, the easier this is.
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I think I have that one as well. My poli sci teacher was a refugee from
Russia. You are correct about the "trick" of politics, but like religion
most take it very personally even if they have no understanding of it's
fundamentals. I just find politics to depressing, the failure of ideals when
applied in real life does that to me.

-Has found a copy of Anti Durhing on the web, and is reading it as well.