the honing of Vlad

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RE: the honing of Vlad

>If Vlad had the vial with him at the time, or Verra had been speaking to
>Vlad, I'd buy into that idea more easily. As it happens, it was Aliera 
>demanded an explanation for why Morollan had to stay, and Verra's 
>was "I don't owe you an explanation." It was only Aliera's status as her
>daughter that caused her to reconsider and answer her. Verra's only words

Well, that's how it *appears*, anyway. We don't hear Verra's inner 
monologue, so her motivations are cloudy. Go ask Trout, I guess.

>addressed to Vlad were "Don't come back." If that's a hint, it's a pretty
>round-about way to give one.

S'true. I'm personally inclined to believe that Vlad came up with the idea 
on his own, and that Verra's speach was just what it appeared to be... If 
for no other reason than that I think Vlad's a pretty clever guy. But I 
can't *prove* it. 

>As far as Verra was concerned, Morollan was there for good. Rather than

Well, that's an assumption. But possibly a correct one.

>supposing that Verra set Vlad up to rescue Morollan, I'd be more inclined 
>believe that Vlad's rescue of him (combined with negotiating the Paths at
>his side in the first place) was what brought him to her attention. 
>that he was just a member of a semi-devout family of  her worshippers. 
>that, he became "useful".

This might work for both of them (Vlad and Morrolan) actually. (If we 
assume that Paarfi doesn't really know anything about Morrolan's 
relationship with Verra, and just made up huge wodges of speculation of 
his own in VoA.)

Perhaps it was Morrolan's ability to escape the Paths that really made 
Verra take note of him.

I suppose the chief argument against this is existence of Morrolan's 
window. Verra apparently gave it to him *before* he showed up in the 
Paths--but to the left, we really only have Paarfi's word on this, since 
Vlad doesn't see it (chronologically, anyway) until the time of /Dragon/.