the honing of Vlad

Fri Feb 3 09:12:10 PST 2006

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On 2/3/06, Joy Jennifer Nicholson <jjnichol at mit.edu> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Joy Jennifer Nicholson wrote:
> > > Why wouldn't Aliera's [blood] do?  or Vlad's, for that matter?
> >
> > Re the former, handwave.  Re the latter, Vlad's not a god or
> > descended from one, as far as we know.
> Vlad's not a god, but it was implied that it was because of his blood
> that he could leave.  So if Morrollan suddenly became part Easterner...

My impression is that the Lords of Judgment had something along the lines of
this enchantment in place: "no human blood may leave the Halls of Judgment."
This ensures that undead (very pale, remember) can leave, and so can
Morrolan's corpse. Vlad gets away through the same loophole that got him
into Loraan's fortress.

Cons of this theory: one little vial of Verra's blood isn't going to be
enough to keep Morrolan alive, having lost his own.
Pros: surely you're not suggesting that Loiosh is a god?

Max Wilson


Or maybe Vlad's spell is more impressive than just a teleport. Remember,
witchcraft is all about symbols, perhaps the vial of blood was a sufficient
symbol for a larger spell than Vlad thought. If you think about how
witchcraft works, and why Vlad was doing the spell, it is not as big of a
stretch as you might think.

Also, do we have textev that the vial is actually Verra's Blood? I don't

-Is fairly certain it wasn't his blood.