the honing of Vlad

Fri Feb 3 11:49:08 PST 2006

Philip Hart wrote:

>On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Joy Jennifer Nicholson wrote:
>>Why wouldn't Aliera's [blood] do?  or Vlad's, for that matter?
>Re the former, handwave.  Re the latter, Vlad's not a god or
>descended from one, as far as we know.
Not a handwave. In theory, Aliera's blood *might* do, but only three 
people during the final conversation with Verra know about Aliera's 
parentage: Aliera, Verra and (presumably) Morrolan. None of these are 
going to explain Aliera's parentage to Vlad; it's just none of his 
business (he only finds out much later, and he's actually friends with 
Aliera at that point).

The only people who know that Vlad is planning to teleport the blood of 
the goddess and infuse Morrolan's with it are Loiosh and Vlad. There's 
dramatic irony here, since if Aliera was familiar with witchcraft, she 
might suggest using her own blood, assuming she was thinking clearly 
enough to think of that in the first place. But she's tired (and not a 
witch), Morrolan's tired (and determined to die for his cousin), and 
Vlad only remembers the blood of a goddess, despite being tired, because 
the smell of the ocean reminds him of the drink he has with Kiera when 
she gives him the vial of blood.

Morrolan might also think of the blood transfusion, but he'd probably 
rather die than further weaken his cousin by taking her blood just for 
him to live, an uncertain proposition. Morrolan is dumb like that. Uh, I 
mean, honorable. Since per Orca, even Verra doesn't know what the blood 
is to be used for, she can't make any suggestions. Perhaps the politics 
of the Halls make it difficult for her to interfere more than she 
already has (i.e., allowing a second live Dragaeran to leave the Halls 
(Aliera) is bad enough; interfering to allow a third who isn't an heir 
to a throne might cause some divine censure she wouldn't want to deal 

But that's just speculation; what we know is that Vlad & co. are told 
that they are on their own, and only Vlad, Loiosh and Aliera may leave 
alive. Once they're kicked out of the Divine Throneroom, or whatever, 
the only options for bringing out Morrolan alive are Aliera's blood and 
a vial Vlad has in a trunk somewhere. They don't discuss these options 
because Morrolan and Aliera have already decided that Morrolan is 
doomed, and Aliera won't let someone die for her to live, so she's 
doomed too. Those two are the only ones that could tell Vlad, "hey, 
we've got all the blood you need right here" *pointing at Aliera*

Since he doesn't know this, his options are reduced to the vial. I 
suppose you can argue that the handwave is Vlad being unwilling to tell 
Morrolan what he's about to attempt, which could possibly solve 
everything by their realizing that Aliera has the blood they need 
(assuming Morrolan would let it happen). But really, Vlad doesn't know 
Morrolan that well and he likes to keep things to himself and Loiosh, 
possibly to make himself look impressive (he keeps going out of his way 
to look good when Dragons are around).


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