Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

Mon Feb 6 23:08:03 PST 2006

Howard Brazee wrote:

> Francesco Nicoletti wrote:
>> This thread has inspired me to three further questions. Given our 
>> esteemed author's tendency to work through an unreliable narrator, 
>> with his or own agenda, is there such a narrator for Brokedown Palace 
>> ? Who would it be ? What is their agenda ?
> My guess is that there is no such narrator.   Steve wanted to do a 
> political allegory and he set it in a world we are familiar with - 
> giving us some more insights into that world - but the purpose of the 
> novel is very different from the purpose of other books we have read 
> set in that world.
> Again - this is my guess only.
I mostly agree with you. Any parallels between Brokedown Palace & Teckla 
probably come about because a) they are both about revolutions & b) they 
were written (well copyrighted) within a year of each other. But 
speculation is fun.