Dzur - Cover art question

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Re: Dzur - Cover art question

>Sokerchick wrote:
>>Can the author ask for a "redraw"  or a rework of the original art? 
>>  I would assume that a key feature of the character (like Vlad's 
moustache) would be something the author would say "Hey you should 
>probably add that"  or does the author not see the print till later and 
doesn't have a chance to ask for things like that?
>>  Do these transactions (for lack of a better word) go on between the 
author and artist or the artist and publishing company where the 
>publishing company can say yes or no to a particular cover art work?
>Somebody has to tell the author something about what he's going to 
>draw.   What does the publisher say, "it's about a guy"?   Or does 
>somebody actually read the book first?

Of course, in this case, there's already cover art out there for the other 
9 books of the series (plus 3 omnibus editions), each of which has a 
(four-legged) jhereg on it. Perhaps they just use the previous covers as a