Dzur - Cover art question

Thu Feb 9 05:43:57 PST 2006

Casey Rousseau wrote:

> Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:
>> Of course, in this case, there's already cover art out there for the 
>> other 9 books of the series (plus 3 omnibus editions), each of which 
>> has a (four-legged) jhereg on it. Perhaps they just use the previous 
>> covers as a reference?
>> Majikjon
> On the other hand, in this case, there's already _text_ out there for 
> the other 9 books of the series.

On the third hand, the text never explicitly specifies the exact number 
of apendages that a jhereg has. It would require either very careful 
reading and/or familiarity with the author and his quirks to know that 
all the pre-existing art is wrong.

On the fourth hand... Well, I don't want to have cover art that I can 
believe in anyway--especially when they contradict my own mental images 
of the story. Better to have a plain cover with no decoration whatsoever.