Jhereg Graphic Novel

Thu Feb 9 06:25:08 PST 2006

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> >>
> >> > Hmmm... Maybe we should start a fundraiser to buy up all the copies
> >> > have so we can burn them?
> >>
> >>Can I object to the latter part of the suggestion without being a
> >>humorless scold?
> >
> >Yes, you can.
> >Burning comics is just like burning books in my opinion.
> Great fun and a source of physical and emotional warmth?
> Kidding, kidding; sometimes I can't help myself...
> Jose, who thinks sponsored book burning is evil
> --
> Jose Marquez

But if we used the Jhereg Graphic Novel as tinder, we might get enough
flames to get rid of these Robert Jordon paperweights I have.


- briefly thought of adding a fire oath here, but decided that it would be
in poor taste.