Jhereg Graphic Novel

Thu Feb 9 06:47:12 PST 2006

>>>>FYI, for anyone who's been wanting to pick up a copy of the Jhereg graphic
>>>>novel (despite all warning about how bad it was), a limited number of
>>>>copies are on a deep discount sale this week at Mile High Comics:
>>The book is cheap. The shipping is more than the book. I think I will 
>>give this one a pass!
>I glanced at the site out of morbid interest.  It looked to me like they 
>offered free shipping for orders less than $6 or more than $10.

Not quite accurate... Mile High's actual shipping costs are a flat rate of 
$6 for orders of $10 or less, $4 for orders between $10 and $40, and free 
for orders of $40 and up.

They're a good company and I order from them a bunch, although I usually 
wait until I'm ready to put together a $40 order to qualify for free 
shipping.  Yeah, the Jhereg book becomes a bit pricey if that's all you're 
ordering, but I figured I'd send it to the list anyway in case anyone was 
looking for it.  Anyone who is interested has until [next Tuesday?] to 
order it before the price goes back up.


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