Favorite Vlad Quip...

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Favorite Vlad Quip...

>  So I must say that one of the best parts of reading the Taltos series 
is the dry humor and amazing wit.  With that said I was wondering if 
>anyone had a favorite quip from any of the books.
>I'm in the process of re-reading Issola and came across this one...
>  "We stood now on a small rock ledge, overlooking the Lesser Sea of 
Amorphia, where the greatest city of the Empire used to be until >Aliera's 
daddy had a hissy-cow at the Emperor.  I must make a point of telling 
Sethra not to underrate the power of a hissy-cow"
>  For some unknown reason I read that and couldn't stop laughing. 
Most of the best ones come from /Issola/, IMO. 

If I had to pick just one quip, it would probably be this brief exchange 
with Teldra:

T: "Perhaps I should begin at the beginning."

V: "Arbitrary. But still, not a bad choice." 

Of course, if we go beyond just one-liners, Vlad's got some pretty amusing 
exchanges with Loiosh, such as this one from /Dragon/:

    "Loiosh, I just want you to know, for the sake of my familiar having 
complete information, that my feet hurt." 
    "I think you're cheating, Boss. Everyone else has to either carry on 
without complaint or be known as a complainer. You get to complain without 
anyone knowing it." 
    "Because I had the foresight to show up with a ready-made listener to 
    "That's a new job for me. Do I get a raise?" 
    "Sure, Loiosh. Your salary just doubled."