Favorite Vlad Quip...

Thu Feb 9 09:54:28 PST 2006

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Maximilian Wilson wrote:

> "All right," said Morrolan. "I think we can accept that. So, what do we do?"
> "Kill them," said Aliera.
> Morrolan rolled his eyes. "Of course we're going to kill them."
> ...
> "Plans are over-rated," I said. "Let's just start killing things. If
> there's nothing else around, we can always kill each other."

I like those quips more than some of the others from _Issola_
cited earlier, e.g. the hissy-cow.  Esp. in isolation I get a cutesy,
what-the-reader-wants not what-the-reader-needs feel from them.
Vlad sometimes feels too, hmm, infantilized? in _I_.