Favorite Vlad Quip...

Thu Feb 9 10:25:49 PST 2006

Sokerchick <sokerchick777 at yahoo.com> wrote:  Ok,

So I must say that one of the best parts of reading the Taltos series is the dry humor and amazing wit. With that said I was wondering if anyone had a favorite quip from any of the books.

I'm in the process of re-reading Issola and came across this one...

"We stood now on a small rock ledge, overlooking the Lesser Sea of Amorphia, where the greatest city of the Empire used to be until Aliera's daddy had a hissy-cow at the Emperor. I must make a point of telling Sethra not to underrate the power of a hissy-cow"

For some unknown reason I read that and couldn't stop laughing. 


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I'll have to agree, Issola's got some beauties.  I'm kind of partial to:
  "If all you've got's a stick, everything looks like a kneecap." 

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