Dragaerans and learning (was re: the honing of Vlad)

Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 9 12:20:35 PST 2006

> However, as a modification to my notion, perhaps the slowness in
> learning is more obvious when Dragaerans are young and clumsy, and
> have a great deal to learn.  Since Morrolan's brain had mostly
> completed developing before he started learning sorcery, perhaps he
> could then focus more on learning sorcery faster.
> And finally, perhaps sorcery can itself be used to help oneself learn
> (that is, creating sorcerous modifications of one's own neurology,
> just as sorcerous healing can repair body tissue), and so once you
> pass a certain threshold of sorcerous knowledge, further knowlege can
> be learned and retained faster.
> So the many years I suggested for the curricula might not be necessary.

Maybe Blackwand helped him learn, without anyone realizing it.  It is
a powerful sorcerous object, after all