Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

Tue Feb 14 14:42:09 PST 2006

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> >> It's conceivable that Dzur Mountain is, in fact, the old Jenoine
> >> "laboratory".
> >>
> >> Majikjon
> >>
> >Based on the various statements regarding the creation of the Great Sea
> of
> >Amorphia, and the description of the creation of the lesser Sea of
> Amorphia,
> >I think we can make a pretty solid guess on the location of the Jenoine
> >Laboratory.
> Maybe Verra teleported the whole mountain away in time to save it? Or
> parts of it, anyway?
> Majikjon
> -Currently flying in the face of Occam's Razor...

That's a big assumption. Here is my train of thought.

Jenoine find out about amorphia, and have decided to study it.
We have seen that amorphia can be contained by the "earth" of Dragaera
So, based on those two "facts", how would you build a facility to study
amorphia, especially if you are a being to which moving about in a physical
space is somewhat unnatural?
Build your initial facility, and cover it with as much "earth as possible.
I think that Dzur mountain was originally built for the observation of
amorphia events, and was possibly later upgraded to manipulate the same.
(Much less certain of this, or who did the possible upgrades. The Jenoine?
Sethra? Verra?)
After establishing the observation facility and gaining understanding of
amorphia, they then proceeded to the step of creation. Why create a new
facility? Several reasons:
First, as their understanding grew, the methods of control most likely
advanced. Why use a Commodore 64 when you can build a Cray?
Second, if you already have an protected observation facility, why not use
it? Maintain it, and create the new facility elsewhere, and keep the first
for monitoring the new from a minimum "safe" distance.

-unsure of how one establishes a minimum safe distance for amorphia, and
isn't looking to find out.