Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

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Re: Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

>On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 05:59:09AM -0500, Louis Eastman wrote:
>> This raises a nice question:
>> Does Sethra PMS?
>This brings back the whole Dragaeran reproduction thread, with its
>possibilities of only-fertile-once-per-century slow ovulation cycles
>and a decade of PMS.
>I do not want to think about an undead woman with a Great Weapon and
>a decade of PMS.

Maybe this has been part of Aliera's problem?

A short, short-tempered Dragon with a Great Weapon, decades-long PMS, and 
a superiority complex. Yowzah. How could Morrolan have lasted so long with 
*her* in the Castle?