Old Elves

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Feb 15 09:36:32 PST 2006

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:

>>I don't think fertility is an urgent need here.   She might have long 
>>term plans of returning to mortality.   But she probably has lots of 
>>long term plans of a grander nature.
>One other point to consider--even if Sethra were still alive, she would be 
>well past the age of Dragaeran menopause.
>By a factor of at least 10,000 I would say.
She probably avoided it - but I wonder how long the bad times last with 
normal Dragaerans.

But thinking about it - how does aging work?     Do old Dragaerans stay 
vigorous until they have a quick decline?  

Menopause should be early enough so that you stick around long enough to 
rear your children.   But can a post-menopausal Dzur fight 
effectively?   I suspect yes.   Most elven myths have them virtually 
immortal.   Old age might be like cancer - killing them relatively rapidly.