Jenoine and Gods

Claire Rojstaczer ambyrglow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 19:36:29 PST 2006

Very probably this has been discussed before and I missed it, but I 
happened to be rereading Phoenix and Issola at the same time, and 
noticed a little snippit of conversation between Morrolan and Vlad that 
I cannot reconcile with Sethra's speech to Vlad at the beginning of 

Phoenix, 107:
"'Tell me,' I said aloud, 'where the gods come from.'

Morrolan and Aliera looked at me, then at each other.  Morrolan cleared 
his throat and said, 'It varies.  Some are actually Jenoine who 
survived the creation of the Great Sea of Chaos.  Others are servants 
of theirs who manage to adapt when it occured.'"

How can we mesh this with Sethra's version of events?

Issola, 35:
"The gods are beings who are able to manifest in at least two places at 
once. . . . The Jenoine, for all their talents and skills, cannot be in 
two places at once."

and Issola, 37:
". . .it is clear that it was Verra, and a few others, who sabotaged 
[the Jenoine's] work, who created the Great Sea of Amorphia, who 
unleashed upon the world that which we call sorcery, who themselves 
became the first of those we know as gods, and who destroyed all of the 
Jenoine who then lived on this world."

The obvious answer is that Morrolan's mistaken, but can anyone come up 
with a cleverer reading?