Jenoine and Gods

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Feb 16 11:01:58 PST 2006

Martin Wohlert wrote:

>Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> wrote:
>>It appears to me that the ability to manifest in multiple places at once
>>is a skill that is probably inherent in some (cf Verra and her sisters)
>>and learned in others (the Necromancer). The Necromancer is, as far as
>>we can tell, human stock.  Ditto Sethra, who while not a god, turned down
>>the offer and therefore is at least latently capable of multiple
>>manifestations - tho she may need some assistance in starting up that
>But the Necromancer isn't a god. She's a demon, IIRC.
The difference between a god and a demon is that demons can be 
controlled by others - whereas gods are more tightly controlled by their