possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

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Re: possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

>I remember thinking the same thing. Tukko knows Sethra as Kiera as well
>and might have welcomed the chance to get away from Dzur Mt. and also to
>hassle some young dragon ;-)

Point for this theory: Tukko was likely readily at hand to deliver such a 
message, and does match the very general description given to Vlad by 

Point against this theory: Likely hundreds of other Teckla match this 
description and are readily at Sethra's (or rather, Kiera's) disposal.

Another point against: If Sethra is being so bloody careful to protect her 
alter ego, why send someone closely associated with her personally to 
deliver a message from her Alter Ego? Seems like a needless risk.