possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

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Thu Feb 16 11:17:29 PST 2006

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02/16/06 11:15 AM

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Re: possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

>>Another point against: If Sethra is being so bloody careful to protect 
>>alter ego, why send someone closely associated with her personally to
>>deliver a message from her Alter Ego? Seems like a needless risk. 
>On the other hand, how many people in the empire could identify Sethra 
Lavode upon seeing her.  Of those people, how many could identify Tukko as 
her "servant". 
>While I agree that it may not have been Tukko, I don't think the fact 
that Kiera was worried a button man for a low level Jhereg boss would 
recognize Tukko, and consequently, >reveal her secret. 
Well, certainly it's a small risk, but still seemingly a needless one.