Picking your fights

Sat Feb 18 20:33:25 PST 2006

Howard Brazee wrote:

> Lots of life consists of picking your fights.
> Some people claim that smart people pick the fights they can win and 
> letting the others slide.   But that is only if fighting is the means 
> to an end.  Dzurs seem to have fighting be the end.
> But even Dragons are willing to take on fights that look hopeless.
> Not all fighters use swords - many use words and similar tools.
> Which Dragaerans do the best jobs of picking their fights and avoiding 
> the other guys' fights?

Isn't this basically the definition of an Issola?

Even a Yendi will stick his neck out on occasion when the odds aren't in 
his favor--so long as the potential payoff is big enough.

But an Issola waits, smiles, pacifies, and stirkes only when absolutely 
certain of success.