Dragaera summit at Opus Festival 2006 - need individual input fromlist members!

Wed Feb 22 12:53:24 PST 2006

I want to, it's just that it's a long way from England...

Have to see.

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Hey guys -

A couple of things - I had intended to release the Dragaera tarot, the
Dragaera RPG, and the official house logo line at Opus this year -

The art for the Logos and Tarot still has not been posted to the list,
apparently DDB has had file size issues with it, and as such their has been
no voting and or discussion about it. Therefore I don't have finalized art
to proceed with.

The Dragaera Role Playing Game will still be in beta test mode and will
still be in pre-publishing during the show.

Lastly the fine folks who have volunteered to run the Dragaera LARP are
concerned about getting enough fresh blood in from out of town to support
running the game - they have asked Steve to play a role in the game in the
hopes that it will draw many of you from the list to the show.

So rather than see the above as problems we are gonna make them features of
the show.
At the Dragaera summit we will be holding an art contest for the house art,
both full color and line drawing versions.
We will also be holding design panels on Dragaeran Tarot on site.  And
Lastly we will be doing play test and design panels for the Dragaeran RPG on

Doing these things will actually allow you, Steve's biggest fans, direct
access and input not only to him, but into the decision making aspects of
all of the above projects.

Aside from the LARP and art contest, other Dragaera centric activities will
include Steve doing a reading, the Tarot Design panel, the game design
panel, a panel for general Q&A, the Dragaeran feast, the various late night
impromptu panels that I know Steve will run (on writing, drinking, and
politics whether I ask him to or not), and at least one concert set from
Steve and his guitar.

I would think with all that that we will have put together a track that
gives fans of Steve's imagination more than they could hope for.  But
several of these things will only work if we have sufficient participation,
so I need to know B) how many of you are interested in coming, and B) if
there is anything more any of you would like to see Dragaera wise at the

Please let me know ASAP if you are planning on joining us so that I can plan