Brust E-Books

Casey Rousseau casey at the-bat.net
Mon Feb 27 14:18:21 PST 2006

Ike Porter wrote:

> Apologies for losing the correct attribution...
> > Now that "first US publication" has a new definition or
> > (it isn't published all at one time), the rules should be
> > I vote for clarifying the rules to be "first printed publication".
> I would like to put for an ammendment which would define the rules
> stating "first paperback publication" to accomodate us poor folk...

At this time, there are no explicit mention of spoilers in the list


Now, I'd argue that the list rule calling for civility includes
spoiler warnings implicitly, but ...

As a matter of practice, spoiler warnings have been considered
excessive only when applied to those books which have been released in
paperback for some time with the exception of the major and minor
revelations of Orca and the major revelation of Issola.

Courtesy, as Teldra reminds us, lies in doing that which is