[SKZB] Observation

Maximilian Wilson wilson.max at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 10:40:14 PST 2006

1. When Vlad is arranging the trade between Aliera and Sethra the
Younger in /Dragon/, he reaches out for psychic contact with Aliera.
Interlude: Counterattack: "I reached Alirea more quickly than I'd have
expected to. I guess I was getting to know her. I had mixed feelings
about this." Does this strike anyone but me as being weird? He's known
her for three years at this point, which is probably at least halfway
into the friendship if you don't count Vlad's wandering years. Is Vlad
just being ironic, or is this a slip on Mr. Brust's part, since the
bulk of the book takes place at the time when Vlad is just getting
acquainted with them?

2. When Vlad is nerving himself up to go take on the presumed Jenoine,
he comments that a small part of him was "pleased that someone had
shown them they weren't as ultimately tough as they acted," although
in the end, "however irritating I might find them," he's not pleased
that anything really bad might happen to them. Considering some
comments Mr. Brust made about the reason he wrote Jhereg in the first
place (feeling liked but not always respected, whereas Vlad is
respected but not always liked) it occurred to me that a large part of
what Vlad finds so irritating about Aliera and Morrolan is precisely
the tough act, which is exactly the same as Vlad's. So you have three
people, each of whom really wants to be seen as the toughest person in
the room, in the same room with two other very tough people who are
trying for the same effect. No wonder they're always getting on each
other's nerves.

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