Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Mar 9 11:02:35 PST 2006

I believe that most young people don't understand aging.   They condemn 
movie stars for growing old, and don't understand how an older person 
can be sexy.   They know that when they get old, they won't be like the 
old people they see.  

 But we don't have the healthy lifespans of Dragaerans.

We have seen the case of one Dragaeran complaining that he needed to 
quit his job because of his age - being told to bide his complaint by 
Sethra.   But neither of them are aged the way humans get.

Certainly Dragaerans can expect to die violently, old age takes so much 

Also humans age in more than body.   Older people tend to lose some of 
their social constraints.   Our irritating characteristics become 
enhanced as we become less interested in moderating them.    e.g.   He's 
always been irascible, but now he's more so.    She's always been 
self-centered, but now she's more so.    I believe the powerful also 
develop this attribute.

We have seen "scientists" become enveloped in their research in a way I 
would expect a long-lived scientist to become, where the outside world 
and rules didn't matter much.    It's interesting to picture an ancient 
Issola or Yendi.