Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited

Mon Mar 13 11:44:25 PST 2006

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Scott Schultz wrote:

> While I wouldn't rule that out completely, it seems like an awfully
> significant error.

Begs the question.

> According to the text, the original palace was completed shortly before
> the end of the reign of Jamiss. Likewise, it was started during the
> reign of Faarith. It's difficult to reconcile those statements with the
> statement "encompassed...the entirety of the reign of the House of the
> Vallista".

"Encompass" can mean, says my dictionary, "accomplish or achieve".  Paarfi
could simply have used a word meaning "Was the principal activity and
crowning achievement of" - so "encompass entirely" would be the

More an aside than a strong argument: "Encompass" is a weird word to use
to describe a person holding an office, I think - it has a sense of
"surround" to me, and to say a reign surrounded a project seems more
likely than to say a person's term surrounded the possible period. It
would strike me odd to write, e.g., "Clinton's presidency encompassed the
two terms he was elected for but Nixon's didn't".

> It can't have begun before the Vallista reign and ended prior
> to the change in the Cycle and still have encompassed the entire reign of
> the House. I can't see any reasonable way to read it as applying to the
> construction of the Palace rather than applying to the reign of Jamiss.

To me, this is simply explained by a mistake on the translator's part
(rather more likely) or Paarfi's.  We know of at least one error in _TPG_
which is "awfully significant" by comparison - the business with the
Captain and the conspiracy.  There is a strong argument for Paarfi being
thoroughly sloppy and fallible - consider the historians Ilen the Magian

Note that you haven't addressed my other objections - the supposed use
of "The X emperor" to the exclusion of "An X emperor" (book search is
not giving me a response here - if someone has the Texts it would be
easy to grep them in perl or whatever) and the ending of _FHYA_.