Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited

Mon Mar 13 16:20:24 PST 2006

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Scott Schultz wrote:

> Even if Sethra is Paarfi's ghost-writer, he still spends a great deal of
> time talking about events that he could only have learned about after the
> fact.

We were talking about events at which S was present.  If you want to
consider her as just a primary source, then Aliera's no better, and
likely less reliable.  Anyway this whole part of _Jhereg_ contradicts
later parts of the Vladiad unless I'm confused.

> As far as Sethra being Paarfi's ghost-writer, I tend to doubt that based on
> the section of _Five Hundred Years After_ in which Paarfi goes on at length
> about how marvelous Sethra is. I can't see Sethra patting herself on the
> back like that.

Ever read De Bello Gallico?  Maybe S is a jerk.  Maybe she's got a sense
of humor and finds that passage a hoot.  Maybe it's just cold hard fact.

> > Why would a usurpation hurry a revolt?
> That's an excellent question. If Paarfi is correct that Mario was aided
> by Elder Sorcery then the Princes who might normally take Jamiss' view
> (no defense = Cycle turned) would instead view the abnormality of the
> event as reason to doubt the turn of the Cycle based solely on the death
> of Tortaalik. If Loudin had claimed the Throne and the Orb and been
> ratified by the Council of Princes, then it would be a public
> acknowledgement that the Cycle had NOT turned. [...] Adron would then be
> in the wrong to even start a revolt. He'd have no moral basis for it.

The moral basis would be having won.  Also, I'm kinda skeptical about
there being such a thing as a Council of Princes that decides this sort of
issue.  If you've got the Orb orbiting your, uhh, orb, then everyone else
can stick it.

> > And I somehow doubt that the first member of House X+1 to
> > claim the Orb upon the House X Emperor's death gets it.
> >
> Well, the first member of House X+1 to assert such a claim would be the Heir
> of that house unless that House was extraordinarily lax in their
> organization.

Emperor X dies in his sleep.  Lackey X+1 comes in to empty the chamber
pot, sees the score, takes the Orb, starts sending out orders.