Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited

Mon Mar 13 23:41:18 PST 2006

>From: Philip Hart <philiph at slac.stanford.edu>
>To: dragaera at dragaera.info
>Subject: RE: Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited
>Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 23:23:01 -0800 (PST)
>I have the sense that you revolt, and if you win, well, then, the Orb
>comes to you.  Whether the other guy has to admit defeat first I don't
>know, though I rather doubt it, as why would he do so if he's a partisan?

how could he not admit defeat though? if the Orb and throne go to Adron, 
then it's the concensus that the cycle has turned, and the Phoenix are outta 
luck. I'm sure he'd be pissed, but there is nothing he can do unless he 
wants to challenge Adron to a dual, start a war, or hire an assassin, if a 
Phoenix would even do that. The first would most likely be impossible, 
unless it's possibly to "turn off" the Orb's protective feature except in 
the face of immiment death; the second would turn into a civil war, and the 
Phoenix, by their own standards, are extremely few; as for the last, well, I 
just don't really consider it a possibility, unless he was personal friends 
with an assassin and it was "an exchange of favors." (is that how Vlad words 
it in Yendi? I don't have my copy handy)