Speculation on identity

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RE: Speculation on identity

>I wrote, in reply to speculation on Zerika being Sethra-in-disguise:
>> This would be disputed by the authorial comment found at:
>> http://dragaera.info/mailinglists/archive.cgi?1:mss:4341 
>> In which Steve wrote:
>>> Er, what are you talking about?  No character in the 
>>> Vlad novels is secretly another character in the Vlad
>>> novels, at least that I know of.
>Yes.  The quoted bit from Steve was in Dec 2002, in a discussion about
>Zerika's name bit in the opening chapters of _Viscount_, well after
>the publication of _Orca_.  It refers to comments made previously by
>Steve saying something to the effect of "No one _else_ is anyone else"
>in response to incessant speculation on various characters being
>secretly Mario.  In point of fact at the time he wrote the statement,
>the formerly secret masquerade had already been revealed.

It's also worth noting that skzb left himself the loophole here of "at 
least that I know of..." Meaning, he may "learn" later on that Vlad is 
secretly Kragar, Aliera is secretly Cawti, or Loiosh is secretly Verra.

Depending on what's coolest, of course.