deux ex machina

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Tue Mar 14 21:53:28 PST 2006

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> On 3/14/06, Ray Lee <ray at madrabbit.org> wrote:
> > Dunno whether this has been bandied about before on list. If there's
> > interest, I can dig up the smatterings of clues dredged from the books...
> I, for one, am interested in hearing the evidence.

Well, there was someone who once proclaimed as follows:

[Begin Cite]

Ridiculous!  Sethra is really *Zerika*.  You can tell, because
(a) Do you really believe that story that Sethra just happened to find
this one last Phoenix?  Yeah, *right*.
(b) Zerika likes an Easterner. Sethra likes an Easterner. As they say,
ah-ha.  They're both pervy Easterner fanciers.  Or rather, it only
makes sense if they're the *same* pervy Easterner fancier.
(c) Notice how Zerika disappears all the time.  Funny how Sethra only
appears while Zerika's missing, huh?

[End Cite]

However, I strongly suspect that if asked, the individual who made
that statement would confess that he was not being entirely serious at
that point in time.

I am pretty sure that there is at least one point (and probably more
than one) in the texts (and both V & P sets of texts)  where Zerika
and Sethra are in the same room together.