Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited AND Adron's motives

Wed Mar 15 09:14:55 PST 2006

[snip various responses]
> Perhaps the real issue here is that I disagree with what I hear as
> (unwarranted) certainty in your claims.  Perhaps I'm just advocating
> a different version of certainty, but I hope not.

Groovy. I've got no problem with that. I was getting confused with the
bouncing around from one viewpoint to another but I see now where you're
coming from.

For my part, I've become a proponent of Occam's Razor in regards the
Brustiad. I'm reacting in large part to the sometimes convoluted theories
and explanations that we readers come up with to explain various things, so
I've been moving more and more towards Adron's own concern as voiced by
Paarfi; namely, that things are exactly as they appear to be. 

Of course, we've seen where that thinking got Adron... *heh*