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>> Any chance of the Ace novels in the series being 
>> published in limited edition hard-cover versions with 
>> jacket layout which matched up with the 
>> Tor hard-covers?
>I have no idea.

I doubt it.  From what I've seen, Ace almost never prints
hardcovers in the first place, and they're already 
reprinting the early books in omnibuses: Jhereg, Yendi, and
Teckla in _The Book of Jhereg_; Taltos and Phoenix in
_The Book of Taltos_; and I expect Athyra and Orca in
_The Book of Athyra_.  Of course, if you ask me (not that
anyone ever does), I'd put Taltos in the first omnbius, and
make the second omnibus _The Book of Phoenix_ and have it
contain Phoenix, Athyra, Orca, and Brokedown Palace so
that BP doesn't get lost in the cracks (since both Ace and 
Tor seem to have fogotten that it's set in the same 

To the left, the Tor hardbacks look *exactly* like bookclub
editions, so if a bookclub *were* to reprint the Ace books, 
they'd match.


On 5/28/02 12:16 PM, "Steven Brust" <skzb at dreamcafe.com>

> Also, it was only later that I admitted to myself that I 
> really didn't like maps in fantasy novels.  They are 
> always really detailed in the areas the characters visit, 
> and almost blank everywhere else.  That annoys me.

In that case you still have two options:

The Tolkien approach: make a map and meticulously label
dozens of places the characters never visit, or have even
heard of.

If that sounds too much like work, just take whatever 
sketches you already have and instead of putting them in 
the next book, put them on your website.

I'm willing to give credit for the irony of putting maps in
the books where I didn't care where things were (Yendi and
Brokedown Palace), and omitting them from the books where I
really needed them (Dragon and Phoenix Guards).

However, I'd really like a map of the whole Empire, because
I've got this mental image of the Empire looking like the
east and midwest US with the Eastern kingdoms on the other
side of the Rockies, which is obviously backwards at the
very least, but I just can't shake it.

One final question: is Rakeland doing the cover art for
Viscount?  If so, could you tell the nice folks at Tor
that I might be interested in buying a promotional poster
with such artwork?