[dragaera] RPGs

Christopher Gunning shapeshifter13 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 21:40:27 PDT 2002

Hi all (and Stacy in particular),

>Anyhow, to get back to the actual question (for Mr. Brust):  it is
>permissible to do this?  I know there are many authors who are twitchy >on 
>this (because of copyright isues), so I don't want to do it if you >do not 
>care for the idea.  I do know there is one MUSH/MUD out there, >but that 
>particular type of RPGing has never appealed to me.

For what it is worth, i would also like to throw my lot in and help you.  I 
was simeltaneously thinking about dropping a line to Mr Brust about an 
rpg... something fan based and specifically not challenging any intellectual 

I would particularly like to work with the D&D 3E engine but would be cool 
with whatever direction you are keen on.  If you decide to go with White 
Wolf, I may be of help since I freelance for the company (mostly Vampire).

(I threw a subject tag in 'cause I am sometimes missing the Dragaera e-mails 
as the get mixed up with the copious amounts of junk mail out there.  
Hopefully, it will catch on)

-Chris jd Gunning


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