[dragaera] How far will it go?

Wed Jun 5 07:25:57 PDT 2002

At 04:54 AM 6/5/2002 +0000, Christopher Gunning wrote:

>Mr Brust,

Make it Steve, okay?

>I was wondering how far you plan to take the Taltos series?  I have been 
>eating up your books since I found a beaten up copy of Jhereg (I really 
>liked the cover) and have been wondering if you plan on going through the 
>entire cycle?  Do you envision a specific climax to the series or letting 
>the books fall where they may?

I have bits and pieces of ideas for what happens to Vlad.  I know what 
eventually becomes of him, and how he gets there.

>It seems to me that you have been writing the Taltos books one novel at a 
>time, allowing the books to dictate their own conclsuions  and, at this 
>stage of the game, can you see yourself writing a final chapter to the series?

Here are some of the things that'll happen, in order of probability:
1) I die before finishing them
2) I get tired of them, and have enough integrity to stop writing them.
3) I get tired of them but continue writing them anyway, so they suck.
4) I don't get tired of them, and end up with nineteen Vlad books: 1 for 
each House, a first one called TALTOS, and a last one called THE LAST CONTRACT.

At the moment, I'm under contract for two more, and I'm still enjoying the 
hell out of the little sonofabitch.

>Oh, and by the way, you were at a small convention in Columbus, 
>Mississippi way back in 1995, no?

I sure was.  Had a blast, too.