RPG Systems

Starshadw at aol.com Starshadw at aol.com
Wed Jun 5 07:59:25 PDT 2002

Eh, I don't think I'll go with the Hero system.  Don't get me wrong - it's 
not a bad system, and I do play Champions.  But it's also highly complex in 
certain areas, and doesn't translate very well online if you actually have to 
go through combat.  The other reason is that there may be people who will 
want to play who aren't experienced RPers and I want to choose a system that 
is fairly easy to learn.

I like the new 3e D&D for the most part - it's got some problems, but then 
what system doesn't?  But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it 
might not be better to use "bits and pieces" from a variety of 
systems......I'll have to think a little more now that we have the "go ahead" 
>from Mr. Brust.

And what is this "Open RPG" tool?  I'm wondering if I've heard of it under a 
different name.

I don't think it cheating to use an already-created world. :-) I love world 
creation, but my time is at a premium and I don't have any spare left over to 
do that (wish I did).  I know there are those RPGers out there who scoff at 
anyone using any of a game system's world-bits or modules, but I don't have a 
problem with it.  I think it's a handy time-saver, and lets you get playing 
faster.  That's essentially what we're talking about here - using the world 
as a backdrop for RPing.

Those of us who are interested in this might want to get together in a chat 
room and talk more.  I have AOL's AIM service - it's got a nifty feature that 
lets you create a chat room with other AIM members.  It's a free download, 
so.....might I suggest we try getting together on AIM and batting some ideas