rpg's & hard backs

Wed Jun 5 08:29:58 PDT 2002

       Personally I feel that there should be a "Dragaera" role playing 
system. I would love to play a dzur sorceror/warrior Phoenix Guard. weather 
it be on line or note book and pencil and dice. I could just envision being 
an officer of the guard, defending against those horrible easterner dwarves 
and put all of those harry little creatures in their place as the scum on 
the bottom of my boot.

        As to the hard-back/paper-back goes, sure the hard-back may be a bit 
more expensive than the paper-back but its the same story, and at the end as 
always you'll make a sigh of happiness or sorrow, but always wonder and say 
that was well worth the extra couple $. so if i were you I wouldn't wait any 

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