Cheers to all!

Beldarrin at aol.com Beldarrin at aol.com
Wed Jun 5 09:13:48 PDT 2002

     Mark:  'OMG whats up with that sethra chick is she like zombie or something!?!?
shes pretty scary hahahah oh yeah and what kind of a name is vlad tatlos he
must be liek a russian viking LOL!!!'  

     Steph:  yeah, itotaly agree!  i thought Vald must be like a vamp or somethning because of his name it would make sense because that Sethra chic is one to.  wow yer pretty keen  Good 4 u!  and why does everyone drink so much (like beer and whine and stuff)? wow they must have hi tolarinces not like me 

     ::scrunches up her nose::  Heh.  That hurt just to type.  Anyway, I'm glad to be a part of this board and in contact with all you spiffoid peoples!  About the only other place you can find a bunch of fun fantasy/sci-fi-types is at the midnight opening of "Star Wars: Episode II" (which I was rather disappointed in), and at RenFests (one of which I will be attending in two weeks - yippeeyippeeyippee!).  

     Umm...  That's all.  :)  

~ Steph-Demri (who is going to give up and buy "Issola" from Amazon.com next week, when she has some money!)